When Good Time Shaman is not producing content for your brand, we are entertaining audiences Online and at Festivals across the country with our Web Series and Short Films.

Summer Share Houses near the beach are a right of passage for young adults. The Hamptons, Newport, Cape Cod and the Jersey Short are littered with kids headed to the beach for a wild weekend. Ellie and Zuma are no different. Finally off the leash, this is going to be their weekend.

Chiennes á la plage (aka Bitches at the Beach ) won Best Comedy at the Canine Film Festival. It will be going on tour with the New York Dog Film Festival at over 100 locations nationwide starting in 2021. To get tickets for a screening near you go to - http://www.dogfilmfestival.com/destinations-2

Neighborhood Network

Accepted into the Nice International Film Festival and the Broad Comedy Festival, “Neighborhood Network” pays homage to the days when TV was King. Before online streaming and social media, Cable Access Channels were your main source for local info. Come watch a block of the Cobble Hill Neighborhood Network’s programming in its original broadcast format, before DVR could fast forward through commercials and promos.

On CHNN's top program “Putting the Neighbor Back in Neighborhood with Kitty”, Kitty invites local businesses on to promote their shops while providing all the unsolicited advice they can handle. The CHNN commercials tell their own tales of Brooklyn and its neighboring boroughs. “Neighborhood Network” presents hilarious and fresh sketch comedy in an old school format.

Kendra Cunningham regularly performs at Comic Strip Live in New York, Laugh Boston and the Borgata in Atlantic City. She’s performed at the Nantucket Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival and on her Dry Bar Special. She has twice appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Blonde Logic Album

Less Bitter More Glitter